5 facts and 5 myths about condoms that you might not know

It is not quite uncommon for men to sometimes think that condoms are less effective when it comes to enjoying sex. Sure, they help in preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and also are efficient at keeping risks of pregnancy at bay, but they are also conceived sometimes to be a mood killer. However, this idea is quite far from the truth. Condoms help in lessening stress and anxiety by cutting down harmful risks, and allow both men and women to enjoy their time together in bed even more! Also, different sites like https://www.condomania.com/enhancements.html sell condoms that are meant to enhance sexual performance for men so that they can last longer in bed. 

When it comes to condoms, a lot of men and women are quite unaware of what this popular contraceptive can do. A lot of myths still influence people, preventing them from buying condoms. Here are 5 condom myths that you may not have heard of before: 

– Condoms are a mood killer:

Wearing condoms never take much time. This means that you can slip a condom on within a minute and continue playing with your partner. A lot of men complain that wearing condoms always makes them lose interest in sex, but that is a complete lie. Plus, wearing condoms does not have to be a depressing act. Your partners can always help you out when you are rolling a condom on.

– Old men lose sensitivity while wearing condoms: 

This also is false. A lot of men use age as their defense to prevent their partners from using condoms. Condoms can be worn by men of all ages and should be used during every sexual act unless they are involved in a sexually monogamous relationship. Condoms do not lessen penile sensitivity at all, but often contain lubricants that enhance sexual stimuli. 

– Condoms are only meant for a certain penis size: 

If you hear some men complaining that there is no condom that can fit their big penis, know for a fact that they are lying. Try to put your condoms through a test. Take a condom and blow air into it. You will be surprised by how much they can enlarge without breaking. Also, condoms are also meant to fit different sizes. For example, the Trojan Magnums are meant to fit girth size of 5.3 inches and more (for erect penis). 

– Condoms can provide safety only during penis-vaginal intercourse:

Condoms can prevent the spread of STIs during oral and anal activities as well. So anytime a man tells you go to down on him, always make sure that he is wearing a condom. Without condoms, a lot of people are at a risk of getting oral Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and even oral cancer! 

– It is always better to use two condoms at once: 

This is quite risky, as wearing two condoms will create more risk of breaking and damage leading to possible unwanted pregnancies and passing of STIs. Just wearing one condom is enough to keep people safe while they are having sex. 

Once you know the myths, you will be better equipped to not believe the false lies that a lot of people use to not wear condoms. It is important to be able to separate the facts from the myths, and the only way to do it is to keep yourself well-informed. So here is a list of 5 facts that you never even knew about condoms before: 

– Carry your condoms in a tin case or a proper pack instead of hiding them in your pockets or wallets: 

The latex in condoms starts breaking down in heat; this means that if you keep them in your pockets all the time, the rubber will have a higher chance of breaking during sex. 

– You can wear the condom before engaging in foreplay:

A lot of men think that they have to get their condoms on the moment before penetration. Condoms should be worn before foreplay so that the chance of conception decreases drastically. Also, some condoms like Durex Performax index (https://www.condomania.com/durex-performax.html) have an added lubricant inside which help in delaying climax for men so that they can enjoy more sex with their partners for a longer time!

– Check if the roll of the condom is on the outside: 

You can blow on the condom to see which way it rolls. Never roll it inside because that will damage the condom and provide adequate protection. Always make sure that you press on the teat to prevent air from getting trapped inside. This will prevent the condoms from breaking. 

– Condoms are the only form of birth control that can also prevent the spread of STIs:

Research has found that using condoms is medically 10,000 safer in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDs than any other method. Condoms are very efficient in protecting you physically and reducing stress about catching diseases. It is important to wear condoms during sex, and a lot of people report that wearing condoms often enhances their sexual experience. 

– Condom distribution globally has increased a lot of more in the last ten years:

They are the most popular and accessible form of contraceptive available in markets anywhere. So next time you find yourself unprepared, you can go to any nearby store and get a pack of condoms without any trouble. Also, many sites like Condomania sell different types of condoms online for both men and women, so you can even buy them without going to the store. Buying condoms today has become much easier than before! 

If you understand how to work with your condoms better, you will have fewer hassles to deal with. Condoms are very effective and cheap. A lot of government campaigns and private enterprises are supporting the use of condoms because of the health benefits you get. While the youth is being taught about the positive effects of abstinence, they are also being made aware of the benefits of using condoms so that they are well prepared.

These facts are myths about condoms are bound to help you to make more informed decisions later. Unless you find yourself in a monogamous relationship, it is absolutely worth it to use condoms and practice safe sex. 

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