8 Stylish and Creative Ways to Tie a Scarf

Scarves are cute and functional accessories that can spice up any boring outfit. There are multiple ways you can tie a scarf, and you can use your imagination to come up with cool ideas for ways you can wear your scarf. You don’t even need scarves custom made to look put together in an effortless way.
Check out these eight unique ways you can wear your scarf:

1. Tie it around a handbag: If you want to accessories a handbag, you can tie a scarf around the handles. Adding a pop of color brightens up your whole ensemble, and you will instantly look chic and fresh. You can tie a short scarf around the bag and leave the pieces loose, or you can tie a long scarf into a chic and messy bow.

2. Leave it long and dangly around your neck: A great way to wear a scarf around your neck is to leave it long and dangly. Wearing your scarf this way instantly adds a rocker-chic look.

3. As a turban: Turbans are totally bohemian-chic, and did you know that you can wear a scarf as a turban? Well, all you have to do is wrap it around your head a couple times and secure it with some bobby pins. A turban looks great when you pair it with a cute bohemian dress; this look is perfect for exploring the outback in Australia.

4. Cool bangles: Bracelets instantly add interest to a boring outfit. To tie your scarf as a bracelet, simply wrap it around your wrist a couple times and tie a knot to secure.

5. Wrapped around: Another way you can tie a scarf is to wrap it loosely around your neck for an effortless feel. On top of looking cool, wearing your scarf like this is perfect for harsh winter days because it keeps your neck nice and toasty.

6. As a belt: Wrap a long scarf around your waist and wear it as an ultra-cool belt. Wearing your scarf like this feels bohemian and cool. On top of that, it can make your waist seem smaller than what it is.

7. Wear it as a headband: You can wear your scarf as a headband; this is a great way to keep a fringe out of your face.

8. Tightly wrapped: For an instantly high-fashion look, wrap your scarf around your neck so that it’s tight, but not too tight.

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