Are Your Legs Ready For The Cropped Look?

Cropped trousers were all over the catwalks in the autumn-winter 2012-13 shows, and with no less a style leader than the house of Chanel including them in its latest collection, they’re clearly going to be a look which will be around on our high streets and in the best online clothes stores for the next few months.

Cropped trousers are most often seen in black – a staple in any woman’s wardrobe as they’re a fashion essential which can be dressed up in any of a multitude of ways to take account of the occasion and the wearer’s mood.

Variation from the norm

Colourful variations are around in large numbers, but the look is still sharp and more formal than casual – although the key to a successful design is one which can be dressed up for work, and then toned down for evening wear.

Cropped trousers’ seeming ubiquity of late has been greatly helped by the latest trend in footwear, which sees wedges firmly in favour, helping those women with shorter legs carry off the look more convincingly. A gently tapered pair will also look more flattering on a pear-shaped figure.

Subdued palette

The style for the early part of this year is decidedly for plain colours – which do a big favour to anyone looking for an ‘anytime, anywhere’ look, as you can be as bold or as muted as you like when it comes to what you team them with.

Cropped trousers cut to ankle length are also right on the money this autumn/winter, and many come in a range of attractive, regular patterns, which mimic the golf trouser look, yet in a much more muted and feminine way. A plain sweater in a contrasting hue over a simple white shirt are the essential accompaniments for making this a look that gets noticed.

Leather legwear

Leather cropped trousers have also become a prominent sight since Dior featured them in its collection for autumn and winter. In this instance, the trousers were a small part of the overall look, which was loaded down with accessories, such as sunglasses, long gloves, a big handbag, and last but not least, a big jumper in a bright, attractive pattern which counterpoints the muted tones of the rest of the outfit.

Cropped trousers are also the vehicle which many designers are choosing for showing off their boldest colours, with purple in particular being widely spotted. Pleated fronts, slant pockets and turn-ups complete the ultra-fashionable look which prove that there’s much more substance besides the pure colour on show.

Many variations

While the cropped trouser lends itself to many formal looks, there are also other variations which, with their loose fit and tapered look, have a far more casual silhouette, and can be paired with a wide range of styles and shapes of top.

Finally, a look which you can only really carry off if your legs are in shape is the patterned cropped trouser. Bold spots and clean-cut stripes are both being seen widely, and work best when paired with a plan t-shirt or top and ballet pumps to accentuate the contrast.

This guest blog was contributed by Janis Willis a fashion writer who is also a big fan of chiffon dresses.

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