Dr. Kami Hoss: Dental Procedures That Improve Your Smile

Not many people love going to see the dentist, but sometimes going to see the dentist is the best thing for you. If you are having pain in your mouth, or a tooth has been knocked out, the dentist might be your best friend. And even though you might cause you some pain, in the end he will avoid you a lot more pain


But not all dental visits are because of mouth pain or to take care of damage to your teeth or gums, some visits are for cosmetic reasons. Dentists can play a huge role in building your confidence and making you feel better about yourself. Here are some of the procedures that they perform regularly to help people improve their smiles.



Braces are metal or ceramic devices that attached to the teeth and straighten them over a period of time. The downside of braces is that they will be in your mouth for long period of time, causing you to modify your eating habits, to brush and floss more regularly, and they can be unsightly. But most people that get braces ultimately feel that the upside far outweighs the downsides.


Braces can straighten even the most crooked teeth giving a person A Renewed sense of confidence and also allowing them to enjoy their food more. When the teeth are unevenly spaced, large food particles can get lodged between the teeth and cause the gums to become diseased. Braces can correct these problems and give you a beautiful smile too.


Teeth Cleaning

People who are fussy about the teeth always go for teeth cleaning.  Because of the food we eat, smoking, acid and other substances that come into the mouth through the esophagus, and simply time, the teeth will yellow. What super dentists like Dr. Kami Hoss know is that teeth cleaning can remove nearly all of the stains on your teeth, no matter what the cause.


Dentists recommend that you get your teeth cleaned at least once a year or more often if you smoke or eat lots of starchy foods. There are many home teeth whitening products and several are semi effective, but none can replace the procedure that can be performed in a dentist office. The dentist uses professional equipment and can target any specific areas that are difficult to clean. In the end, you will have a beautiful smile and white, shiny teeth.



If you have lost the tooth or have teeth that are broken or did not grow out properly, you should consider getting crown. Made from porcelain, these inserts, go on top of teeth or replace teeth with a beautiful and functional new tooth. There are several ways that a crown can be inserted in your mouth, and your dentist will go over each option with you to decide the best approach.


Depending on which procedure you select, a crown can look great and be functional for you for years. The best thing about the procedure is that you can walk out of the dentist office with the perfect smile in one visit.



Dentures are generally for older people who have lost or had their teeth removed. They are complete set of teeth that are affixed to the roof and/or floor of the mouth. The teeth are perfect and the dentures can be used to eat food normally. If you see other people with a perfect smile, there’s a good chance that they are wearing dentures.


These dental procedures are performed all the time, and in every area of the world, creating happy patients who can be proud to smile.


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