Dress to Impress with Stylish Workwear

Many women have a daily struggle with their work wear. Working in an office requires a smart and professional look but combining this with the latest looks can be difficult. This can lead to the same boring and uninspired outfits day after day.

It is easy to revive your workwear and bring it back up to date. Here are some easy ways to incorporate the latest fashion trends into your working wardrobe. With these tips you can banish boring work outfits and dress to impress for the office.


Dress Up
Dresses are an easy way to look good at work. A dress an easy option but it will always look like you have made an effort with your outfit.

This year the peplum dress is a popular choice, which is luckily a great style to wear in the office. A peplum dress can look professional but with a stylish edge.

Choose a classic knee length style and add a tailored jacket for a smart work look.

Add some Colour
Why not add some colour to instantly update your work wardrobe.

A colourful blazer or a pair of trousers in one of the season’s fashionable shades is a great way to brighten up your work look. For 2013, the most popular colours will be bright and bold. Try adding a hint of yellow or cobalt blue to your work outfit.

In total contrast, monochrome is one of the biggest trends for 2013 and is perfect for work. Black and white is a classic look that is professional enough for office wear.

Team a classic black dress with a white jacket or go for black trousers and a striped monochrome top for an instantly smart yet stylish look.

Stylish Prints
A stylish print will instantly update a boring work outfit. This season’s favourite prints are colourful graphics and animal prints but try to choose a subtle version of these prints to make them office friendly.

Pair a printed blouse with classic tailored trousers and a jacket for a stylish workwear look.

The way you dress for work can say a lot about you. The right outfit can help you get noticed by the right people at work.

It is often tempting to stick to the same safe styles and colours, but it is easy to dress more fashionably for work. These simple ideas will help you to update your work wardrobe so you can look smart and stylish every day.


Michaela Quinn has been blogging about clothing and fashion for the last 4 years. She has written stories on creating your own t shirt printing business and how to stay fashionable in the work place.

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