Edgy Look And Futuristic Fashion In 2013

On runway shows that present the fashion trends people will be surrounded by in 2013, it was obvious that two looks that definitely predominated were the edgy and futuristic ones. In fact, along with the return to the past of the vintage fashion, there is also another trend that needs to be taken into consideration, the so-called wearable technology. Fashion shows have started to become more and more like Mission Impossible and Matrix representations for the high, although still limited, usage of technology. From snowboard outfits with incorporated Sony music players to jackets with built-in fans to cool off during summer time, technology has definitely become a major component of the future of fashion.

However, above all there is an oriental breeze and tendency going on in the fashion industry, most likely because of the influence that Asian women fashion, as well as Asian men fashion, have on contemporary designers. Also, the extraordinary rise of models and designers of Asian roots has definitely made an impact on what shapes to cut dresses for, as well as what colors to use and what fabrics to choose. In fact, due to their usually petite figure, Asian women tend to wear differently shaped clothes compared to Western women who are curvier. Designers of Asian origins are also conquering the fashion world. One of them is Takhoon Panichgul.

Tahkoon Panichgul and his version of Asian dresses

One of the most famous up-and-coming Asian designers is Tahkoon Pachingul. Panichgul’s style incorporates several different trends that resemble the melting-pot culture he was brought up in. The vintage textiles such as lace and organza are mixed with his Asian roots and combined with the undeniable influence of the edgy Alexander McQueen. His signature pattern is recognized in the floral print. According to the designer, in his previous life he must have been a beekeeper because of his deep and eternal love for flowers. In an interview released for Vogue in 2006, he describes his dresses as peonies, opening up ever so gently. Even if Panchigul has a predominant soft side, the Thai-American stylist enjoys adding a bold, dark and naughty touch to his creations. He believes that fashion has to be full of contradictions. Therefore, next to shirts made with pure and innocent white fabrics, Panichgul places trompe l’oeil stitching, bondage-like belts or even metallic taffeta skirts.

Panichgul’s 2013 spring collection presents his beloved floral print, this time combined with butterflies and birds, light blue or black see-through sweaters that reveal a pure V-cut white dress for the perfect spring look. Along with classic 1960s cocktail dresses in organza, Panichgul brings bold yellows and deep blacks to the collection. His choice of delicate, semi-sheer fabric makes his spring collection feel like a breath of fresh air and his clothes seem light, delicate but at the same time confident as they were able to stand on their own. Tahkoon Panichgul’s style brings to the future of fashion a timeless look mixed with innovation and edginess.

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