Executive Leadership Skills That Are Particularly Important

There are many different advantages associated with executive leadership training. One of them is that you get skills that are highly useful at making the entire team more effective in a business environment or even in a personal setting. Envision Experience highlights the importance of leadership skill development from an early age, which is something everyone should know more about.

The following leadership skills can be seen in all the top leaders from around the world. Keep in mind that they are not the only ones that are important. It is just those that should always be known.

Building Trust

Trust building is one of the most important competencies in leadership. It is also a really tough one to achieve. Mutual understanding and mutual trust are very important leadership skills that are necessary for any team to function properly. Some tips to consider when trying to build trust:

  • Implement an open door policy – Employees have to be trusted in order for them to trust management. Always be honest and open as company policies are discussed and conflicting situations appear.
  • Active listening – You always want to listen to all team members and have conversations as opposed to just dictating what they should do, without input coming your way.
  • Fair policies – All issues need to be fairly handled, with integrity being vital for gaining trust.
  • Feedback – Always ask for feedback, especially about conflict handling and daily communication.


This is something that is vital for absolutely all people and is specifically important for the leaders. You want to always communicate in a highly appropriate manner. Be sure that appropriate tone, channels and language are used in various situations. You should never stick to general communication routes. Regularly communicate with the subordinates in an honest and open manner. Two-way communication is always what has to be in place for any business to work well and even for human interactions to properly operate.


The leader has to cooperate with the team, boost collaboration and talk with other teams. It is also important to communicate with people outside of the company. This is not easy to do without cooperation skills. One of the simplest things that can be done is to hold teambuilding events outside and inside a team. For instance, cross-department teambuilding events have been proven to increase the efficiency of the entire company.

Risk Management

This is so much easier said than done. Some tips that can get you started include:

  • For all the projects taken up by a team, start the process by brainstorming about risk factors. They should all be recorded for future actions.
  • Base trust on the team members that showed they can be trusted. Always encourage them that in the future they will report all risks they identify. Honesty is crucial here.
  • Seek data and information from various sources.
  • Evaluate risks from all possible perspectives, based on available resources.

Final Thoughts

The great leaders always have the skills mentioned above. Fortunately, they can all be trained and you can easily become much better at managing a team.


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