Finding The Perfect Coat For That Difficult Winter-Spring Transition

Winter is still very much making its presence felt, with icy winds, driving rain and the constant threat of snow. However, spring is now just a few weeks away, so it might be time to update your wardrobe.

If you’re looking for a new coat at the moment, you may have a tough time of it. It is a very difficult time of year to choose outerwear, as you’ll need to find a coat or jacket that is warm enough to keep out the worst of the winter weather but that will also last you into the warmer spring months.

Anyone who has been shopping for coats, clothing and dresses online recently will notice that certain items are hugely reduced right now – namely, woolly jumpers and thick winter coats. You could take advantage of these seasonal sales and snap yourself up a winter coat, but you will have to find a lighter alternative when spring rolls around.

Here are a few ideas to help you find the perfect coat for this time of year and for the difficult transition from winter to spring:

The classic mac

A mac or trench is the perfect coat to take you from one season to another. Macs tend to be lightweight and stylish, yet still give you adequate coverage and protection from the weather. Choose a waterproof mac with roll-up sleeves, giving you the option to change to a fashion-forward three-quarter length sleeve if you wish.

When choosing a new mac for spring 2013, go for one with a playful polka dot pattern or in a bright, cheerful colour to suit the season. You can get away with a longer or thicker mac (if you need extra coat comfort) if the colour and design is frivolous enough.

The boyfriend blazer

If you are heading out of an evening and you don’t want to wear a full coat, the perfect solution is a blazer. A boyfriend blazer is long and thick enough to give you some warmth and comfort, as well as being stylish and easy to wear with virtually any outfit.

The biker jacket

A leather or leather-effect biker jacket (one that stops at the waist) is ideal for throwing on over your party dress when you aren’t sure what the weather will do. You may originally have chosen this kind of jacket to stop yourself from freezing in the cold weather, but everyone will think that you’re wearing it because it completes your outfit and is on trend.

Black biker jackets can be worn at any time of the year, but if you’re looking for something to suit the season, choose one in a light or pastel colour, perfect for spring.

Christine Felton is a writer at Fashion Union provider of on trend women’s clothing in the UK.

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