How To Be Comfortable In A Work Uniform

From nurses to police officers and waiters to hotel concierge, many people are required to wear uniforms to work on a daily basis. However, for one reason or another, they might not currently feel too comfortable in their suits. What are some steps you can take to finally feel confident in your work uniform?

Choose the Right Size
This step might seem like a pretty practical one. Sometimes, when people do not like the clothes they are going to wear, they don’t want to bother to be measured. As a result, they will just estimate the size. Too small clothes are going to make you feel self conscious and quite uncomfortable, and clothes that are too big might make you feel less feminine. Therefore, before you place the order for your next uniform, have your measurements taken by a professional. You’ll start to feel more confident almost immediately.

Personalize What You Can
It’s likely that some elements of your uniform exists that you can personalized. For example, around the holiday, it’s often okay to wear a pin on your uniform as a reminder of the season. Furthermore, very few professions, if any at all, would dare to forbid you from wearing a necklace that shows your religious beliefs on it. In some jobs, you also have the ability to wear whatever type of shoe you want, and you might have some options to wear a hat. Before you personalize though, always be sure to check out the guidelines for your job.

Fresh and Clean Clothes
When you wear the same uniform every day, it can be tempting to just throw on the same shirt you wore yesterday. However, doing so can detract from your confidence as well. Put your uniform pieces into the wash with the same regularity that you would any other clothes. Yes, indeed, this might mean that you need to purchase a few more outfits in the near future. It will be worth it though when you feel as though you are starting off every day fresh, clean and ready for what the new experiences will bring you.

Do Your Hair and Makeup
It’s also very easy to fall into a slump with hair and makeup when you’re wearing a uniform. You might assume that it’s not necessary to look nice if you are wearing the same clothes as everyone else at your establishment. This thought is not true though either. People will likely notice if you take the time to at least put some gel in your hair and get rid of the frizz. You don’t need to have a lengthy makeup routine every day, but some concealer for blemishes and eyeliner can really go a long way in giving you a new look.

Being comfortable in a work uniform is about doing what you need to do to feel confident. You cannot necessarily tailor the uniform to your specific tastes, but through a series of creative steps, you can stand out a bit without breaking any of the guidelines.

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