How To Use Your Own Image While Designing Customized Tees

The process of designing your own personalized tees has never been easier. Most online custom t-shirt design websites provide not only the relevant t-shirt graphic design tools but also the necessary support so that anyone, including those who have very little knowledge about design to create their own fashion styles on tees. People put just about anything on the tees in order to come up with a personal feel. It could be your name, pet, favorite movie, favorite song lyrics, photo and anything you think of. That is the essence of customized designs. In this article, we will discuss how you can use your own image to design a personalized t-shirt.
1.    The very first thing to do is to have your image ready. Normally, people use their own photo, but you can use an image that you have personalized in many ways. Some of the images can be tweaked to add a personal feel to them. You will find the use of programs such as Adobe Photoshop very important in this process. However, if you have no such skills, you can still design your own t-shirt with the image you already have.
2.    Once you have the image or images you would like to appear on the custom design tees, you need to log on to the website of choice where you will get the tools for designing the t-shirt. Most custom t-shirt design websites will require that you register with them first before starting your design. If you have not registered, do so first.
3.    You will be able to access the custom t-shirt design tools provided by the t-shirt printing company. These tools are normally very easy to use because they have been simplified to clicking functions here and there to tweak your personalized tees. Pick a blank from the brands provided and get down to designing.
4.    At this stage, you need to upload your own custom image. Upload the image onto the design panel. Be careful with the minimum image requirements so that you do not end up with images that are out of proportion. So, while you design your own t-shirt, you can get help from the website’s technicians.
5.    Make the necessary adjustments on your custom design tees. You could blur, brighten, set to grayscale or just about anything you will be pleased with. Remember the custom design tees need to get a personalized feel, so change as much as you can on the t-shirt. Once you are done, you can order some test prints before placing a bulk print order with the company. This will help you minimize any losses in case there will be any defects in the design.
The services you hire should have best tools anyone would want for designing their own custom tees, and provides the necessary live help so that its customers can make their own fashion designs.

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