How to ward off colds and flu in the workplace

If you’re going to pick up the cold or a flu bug anywhere, it’s most likely going to be at work. The packed office space is the perfect breeding ground for germs, and with long hours and unhealthy office snacking, the chances are high that you will fall ill.

However, there are ways to avoid the bugs. We’ve rounded up some of the best possible snacks to keep you happy and healthy while at work.

Citrus fruits

High in vitamin C, citrus fruits such as oranges are excellent for boosting your immunity, and can help ward off a cold even if you’ve already started sniffling. Oranges, grapefruit and even lemon wedges in your water can do so much to help you stay healthy and strong.

Your body only takes in the vitamin C it needs, and expels the rest, so be sure to have some citrus fruit everyday to keep your levels high. It’s easy to get your daily intake of fresh fruit with Fruitful Office, who deliver fresh fruit straight to your workplace everyday.


Yoghurt is an excellent source of good bacteria, the microorganisms that are essential for good health. Bring some yoghurt into work and mix in some of your fresh fruit for a healthy breakfast or a delicious snack.

Eating yoghurt is an excellent way of replenishing the beneficial strains of bacteria within your body, promoting digestive health and helping you to avoid stomach bugs and other illnesses.

So grab some all-natural yoghurt to have with your fruit and you’ll be well on your way to boosting your immunity and protecting yourself from winter bugs making the rounds in your workplace.


Blueberries have long been hailed as a super food, and with good reason. Small, delicious and easy to eat, blueberries are already a fantastic snack. Mix them in your yoghurt, in a smoothie or simply snack on a handful at your desk!

With amazing amounts of antioxidants thanks to their high levels of anthocyanins, blueberries remain one of the most potent immune boosting fruits you can find, and you don’t have to look very far to find them!


Make sure you fit in some daily exercise, which can help you stave off colds and flu. Although running about in the cold is not a good idea, simply ensuring that your body is functioning well by keeping active can do a world of good. Take the stairs, bike to work or simply go for a walk during your lunch break to keep yourself moving.

Try out these simple steps to keep yourself healthy, wrap up warm and avoid colds and flu this season!

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