High Street Fashion in 2013

Away from the the glitz and glam of London’s fashion runways, women’s high street fashion is still alive and well. High street fashion is the barometer for the countries’ appetite for style. When the high street mirrors the catwalk its often a sign that people are becoming more affluent and style conscious. Last year saw many catwalk trends find their way into high street shops. Trends such as color blocking, patchwork and bold colors were big hits on both the catwalk and high street. So what’s in store for the high street in 2013?

Bright and Bold

Color has been a feature of women’s fashion for quite some time now. Bright vibrant colors are expected to illuminate the capitals high streets this spring/summer. Most of the top designers featured bold, outlandish colors in their collections and this trend will definitely be popular on the high streets this year. Winter may still be lingering but we can look forward to brighter days and outfits in the not too distant future.

Check Shirts

The check shirt, a staple of most older women’s closets is now making its way mainstream and we’ll be seeing a lot of it on the high street this year. Working equally well as a casual option or when combined with a jacket on an evening out, the check shirt is sure to prove popular this year among all ladies.


One constant we know is that stripes will always be in fashion, Easy to combine and flattering even at the worst of times stripes have been around for as long as we have had closets.This year expect to see slight variations in the trend with V-neck t-shirts proving to be popular on the high street.


An unexpected, yet interesting trend we could be seeing across our high streets this year is the military look. Designed as way to make slender men appear tough and robust, this trend could be the joker in pack. Every year one trends leaps of the catwalk and takes the nation by storm and this year it could the army look. Expect to see lots of khaki and camouflage, with dabs of leather thrown in for good measure. It’s not something we often see in the high street, but definitely something we should keep an eye on this year, especially as many of the top designers featured some military outfits in their general collections.

High street fashion is becoming more difficult to predict as most of the everyday trends have their origins on the catwalk. To stay ahead of the pack follow our style advice today.


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