Stephen Buzzi Talks About The Main Advantages Associated With Online Education

When it comes to online education it is quite clear that more and more people from all around the world use it. Many start to avoid regular universities in favor of online learning opportunities. The truth is that it is hard to not understand why, given what Stephen Buzzi highlights below as the main advantages that are now associated with modern online education.

Lower Prices

Online courses are much more affordable than what you find at trade schools or colleges. Also, you end up saving a lot on transportation costs and you do not have to live on campus. What many do not know is that housing expenses stand out as the most expensive part of modern college education, together with associated costs. Online courses allow saving a lot of money on the long run. You do not want to deal with immigration problems and there are many students that simply do not enjoy campus education.

Increased Convenience

When you take online courses you get to choose exactly what is studied and for how long you study. You can schedule studying based on your personal social and work schedules. There is no bound with a classroom so school work can be done whenever you have computer and internet access. Deciding on what the best pace is for the individual is highly convenient.

High Flexibility

There is no class times that are set so you can complete all readings and assignments when you want to. There are programs that allow you to design a degree plan. Online students carry out their official or private work, together with online education. Time flexibility is a huge advantage that did move many towards the online learning opportunities as opposed to actually going to traditional colleges. Students control studies and can allot as much time as desired to the topics that are of higher interest. Learning speed will just depend on students.


Students can now do online education without having location as a restriction. The only real mandatory pre-requisite of online technology is basically computer availability and having an internet connection as an amenity. As side benefits, you also get to learn brand new technologies and your technical skills are automatically improved.


Accessibility cannot be higher than with online courses. Learning options are never constrained by geographic location. Many students from around the world make the mistake of just thinking about the courses that are available for them close to where they live. This is highly restrictive. With online learning you have access to unlimited learning opportunities. It is practically impossible not to find exactly what you want to learn.

Quality Dialog

Learners are able to reflect on absolutely all the comments that are made by teachers and other students before they respond or move to another item. This is a structure that few people understand in terms of huge advantages. When looking at face-to-face discussions, there are restrictions that appear, especially in terms of time. With online learning this is no longer a restraint and the feedback that can be gained is huge.

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