Tight, Tighter Bodysuit!

Your mom will turn her eyes when she sees how you wear a bodysuit!

I’m sure all of you have seen BeyoncĂ© jumping in a black bodysuit in her Single Ladies video and Lady Gaga parading around in even crazier bodysuits. Since then, bodysuits have become a ‘must have’ in every fashionistas closet! Bodysuits that are worn by these famous ladies are not underwear, it cannot squeeze you to make you look slimmer and below them you must wear a bra because they have the form of a shirt, but they look cool when they are combined with high waist skirts / pants that are now highly in vogue.

tight body suite

From design work, to much more affordable ‘high street’ brands -there is a wide range of bodysuits to choose from. Most are bodysuit shirts or those with straps, decorated with all sorts of prints or lace. But more extreme variants of bodysuits that are made of latex or denim can also be found. Bodysuits are a great piece of clothing, because you can combine them for day and evening outfits.

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