Uncommon Virginia Driving Laws

In nearby West Virginia, you’re allowed to scrape any roadkill off the road that you happen to find, throw it on the grill and have yourself a tasty dinner. That’s how they do it in West Virginia, and it’s why Virginians love to have a laugh at their neighbor’s expense, but before you get too proud of your home state, let’s take a moment to point out some of the weirder laws in Virginia:

You Must Honk While Passing

One of our favorite driving laws. This, like most laws on this list, isn’t really enforced, just make sure to do it if a cop is watching. Any time you pass another car, you are required by law to blast your horn so they know that you’re coming up beside them. This accomplishes two things: It startles them, increasing the odds of an accident, and it will help you avoid learning how to get points off your license in VA.

Police Radar Detectors Are Illegal

This one isn’t so much weird as it is just not very common. Most states do allow you to carry radar detectors, but Virginia would rather you didn’t. This one might get you in trouble, but carrying a radar detector means that you’re less likely to be pulled over, so hey, your call. If you do get caught, taking a VA driver improvement course online might help you to dodge some of the stiff fines imposed.

No… “Doing-It”

To list just a few things that are illegal in the bedroom in Virginia: Pre-marital sex is illegal, any position besides missionary is illegal, and you’re not allowed to do it with the lights on. This is probably the easiest set of laws to get away with breaking, just make sure not to engage in your marital duties in front of an officer of the law.

No Bribery Allowed, Except…

Here’s one we like: Bribery is illegal, except by political candidates. We all knew that was happening, but at least Virginia is honest about it. You won’t find a lot of states who actually have it on the books that politicians are allowed to break the law. It’s usually more of an open secret.

You’re Not Allowed to Tickle Women in Virginia

This one is confusing. Our best guess: There was a serial tickler roaming the streets, waiting for unsuspecting young women to stretch their arms and yawn, or reach into the overhead compartment on a train, just waiting for the opportunity to strike, sending the woman into giggling fits as they ran off. That’s our best guess. The real answer is more like: Who the hell knows? Could be there was a judge who just really had an issue with tickling. We don’t know.

Children Are Allowed to Trick or Treat But…

In Virginia, your kids can go trick or treating, but not on Halloween. You’ll probably want to book a trick or treating date sometime in September. Or go out and collect candy in a large enough group that there will be too many of you to arrest.

Most states have silly laws on the books. And like most states, Virginia really doesn’t enforce most of theirs. It’s just stuff that’s been left over in the law and, if it’s not enforced, then it’s technically not a law, based on the idea of precedent. So hey, do whatever you want. Just keep these in mind if you ever want to get your neighbor arrested for something.


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