Ways to Reduce Sweating Even If You Think You’ve Tried Everything

People often say not to sweat the small stuff. It’s an admirable way to look at the world. But it also takes one important thing for granted. Sweating isn’t exactly something that one can really control. Quite a few people have to face the idea of sweating the small stuff in a very literal way. There are many different reasons for it, but the end effect is that for a lot of people the average day is just filled with embarrassing situations, all caused by the fact that almost anything can start them sweating.

And the worst part about all of this is that most people really have tried everything they can do to stop sweating. And it’s just not done much good for them. It’s an easy enough situation to understand though. Excessive sweating doesn’t arise from a single cause. And as such, there’s no single solution which is going to work. Stopping excessive sweating means matching cause to cure. This sometimes means trial and error.

It’s also important to remember that it’s an extremely common situation. It’s sometimes less apparent because some people have discovered How to Stop Sweating. By matching cause to cure, they don’t appear to have ever suffered from it in the first place. But people still fighting the good fight should remember that those victories are out there and that they can be a part of it as well.

The more common causes

Some of the causes of sweating are fairly common. The most widespread is a slightly higher than average trigger for the sweat reflex. This can make situations that normally cause sweating hit someone far sooner than it would another person.

This is especially prevalent in cases where excessive weight is the main factor. Weight makes everything seem hotter than it really is. So if someone’s sweat reflex is off, this can trigger almost constant sweating. And a similar thing goes along with exercise.

If someone sweats early, then exercise will make it happen far sooner than expected. Within a sedentary culture, the term exercise has a fairly wide meaning. Even walking a bit can be considered exercise for many people. Combine that with excessive weight and the trigger point drops even further.

Diet also factors into it. Some foods actually trigger the sweating reflex. Capsaicin and other spicy ingredients are a good example. Even pepper can play a part. Dietary issues also play a part in weight problems. Weight, of course, can trigger more sweating. It can end up as a vicious cycle.

Methods of action

It is quite possible to take action though. One’s food choices are usually the best place to start. A good first step is to just examine how meals play a part in the sweating. This isn’t always immediately apparent. It’s a good idea to just pay attention to when you start sweating and ask yourself what you ate most recently. Then, and this is important, write it down. Keep doing that and look for common threads.

Drinks are another important consideration. We’ll touch on soda and high-calorie drinks soon. But first, you should consider the role that hot drinks play. These are a hidden danger for sweating. They’ll often make people feel hot due to their temperature. And hot drinks also tend to be caffeinated. The caffeine can play a big part in sweating since it pushes up your metabolism.

Diet, weight, and sweating

But it’s also important to focus on diet as a way to manage weight. It’s not a given that someone who sweats too much is overweight. But the vast majority of people in our culture are overweight. Around 70% of people are overweight or obese. And even the remaining 30% often have a fair amount of excess fat.

Improving diet can remove some of that excess weight. And for a lot of people, this can happen far earlier than they’d expect. Removing hot drinks from one’s daily routine can help sweating. Removing soda and other similar high-calorie drinks can help as well. Often times, this is even true for diet soda. The body often reacts to fake sugar in a similar way to the real thing. Diet soda won’t add to your waistline. But it might trigger some of the same energetic states that sugar will and that often comes with sweating.


It’s important to consider exercise as well. At first, exercise will obviously make the sweating worse. But it helps build up endurance. And as you exercise, you’ll progress up in overall performance. This makes it less likely that you’ll sweat from a mild exercise like walking. When you’re used to running, a walk won’t do much to trigger sweating.

And on top of it, the exercise will help burn fat. Plus, it just tends to make people happier. This happiness often helps keep people calm in normally stressful situations, which, in turn, can help to decrease sweating.

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