What to Consider Before Getting a Dog

Many people rush into getting a dog impulsively, which can cause serious problems for your family and your pet. Many times a family isn’t ready for the demands a dog has, which causes many dogs to end up at a shelter or rehomed. If you are thinking about getting a dog for a pet, there are several things to consider first.


How much time to do you have to devote to your pet? Dogs are social creatures and want to be a part of your family. They require a substantial amount of time to take for walks, play with them and general care. Spending the time to train your dog will make life easier in the long run, but requires daily training sessions of at least 15-30 minutes at first. Often training classes are preferred or needed to help your dog learn manners and basic commands. Some breeds demand more time than others due to needing more exercise and time to run off excessive energy. A dog that needs this extra play time and isn’t able to get it may exhibit bad habits.


Is there enough room for dog in your home? This may determine what size of dog, or the energy level of the breed you want to get. Small dogs obviously require less room. If you have a small home or an apartment, a small dog may be your best choice. Larger or more energetic breeds require more room to run, such as a yard or access to a dog park on a daily basis.


Another thing to consider is dog temperament and your family personality. Does the breed you want get along well with kids or other animals? Are you looking for a guard dog or one that is high energy? Many people with great intentions get a puppy thinking it will be a great fit with their family, only to find out they are too high energy and don’t fit with their family’s lifestyle. Doing research before searching for your new dog is important to find the right personality fit for your family.


How much money are you willing to spend? Dog’s are often expensive. They require frequent veterinary trips, food, toys, training classes and items such as a dog harness. These things often add up to be quite expensive at times. It is important to consider how much financially you can devote to your dog and what it’s needs may be.


Dogs can be a wonderful and fulfilling part of our lives. In order to have the best possible experience with your new family member, do research and consider these things to choose your pet wisely and prepare for your new best friend.

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