What Your Child Wears and the Development of Their Personality

Children love to express themselves. They are learning what their movements, tone of voices, facial expressions and more reflect their personality. Every time they make a decision, they learn something new about themselves. This is true when they decide to eat chocolate or vanilla ice cream, or whether they want to wear trousers or shorts.


Once a child is able to vocalize their opinion, they will start to take steps to really express themselves as well. Adolescents, for instance, will test out various fashions that fit in with their personal peer group. But this isn’t reserved for puberty, as even younger children do the same.

Clothes, by and large, are purchased by parents. Through these purchases, they mold their children’s personality as well. It is important to try, as much as possible, to allow your child’s individuality to guide what you buy for them. Hence, next time you shop online, why not take a look at the EKE brands and manufacturers together, enabling your child to express their personal opinion as well?

About Children’s Clothing

When you take a look at the different lines of kids’ clothes that are out there, you will see that they exist in any style also available for adults. This is because they are really geared towards the parent, and not the child. Perhaps you are a punk rocker and would like nothing more than wearing your daughter in all black with little pink skulls, but is that something that your child likes as well? Maybe your daughter would prefer to wear a pirate costume! Naturally, our role as parents is also to guide our children to make the right choices, so you do have the opportunity to tell them something they choose may not be entirely appropriate for certain occasions.

Your role as a parent is to help a child grow into an independent, problem solving, critical thinking adult. This won’t happen if you don’t let them make their own choices from an early age. Your role is not to make choices for them, but rather to give them the skills they need to understand what their choices mean. They may want to wear a pirate costume, for instance, but that can also mean they won’t be allowed entrance to certain places they like to go to, due to health and safety reasons. Telling your child that wearing a pirate costume is the wrong decision won’t help them. Explaining to them that there are consequences to that choice they may not like, on the other hand, teaches them to think for themselves.

Remember that the clothes you wear may not be liked by everybody either. Yet you choose to wear them because they define who you are to a degree. If you are a hippy, for instance, you are more likely to wear fair trade materials, flowy clothing and lots of colors. That isn’t something the receptionist at a Fortune 500 company would wear. Not because you are wrong, or they are wrong, but because it is not appropriate. You have learned this, and you must teach your child the same.

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