Women’s Jeans: High Rise or Low Rise?

Jeans pants for both men and women come in many different styles. According to where on your waistline they sit, they are categorized as low rise, high rise and mid rise jeans. Each of these three types has been popular at one time or another. Currently, low rise jeans are ruling the market, but women’s high rise jeans have been around for many years and they have never gone out of fashion because they are chic and sophisticated.

You can find all three categories of jeans in a variety of styles, including skinny, straight leg, boot cut, wide leg and flare cut. They are available for both men and women. High rise jeans sit well above your waistline so that they cover the skin of your belly and waistline. Low rise jeans sit below your waistline so that the skin around the waistline and a part of your underwear are exposed. Mid rise jeans sit just at your waistline.

Young people today favor low rise jeans as a fashion statement. They find it exciting to expose their belly and underwear. They go well with all kinds of casual clothes. Those who are not bold enough to go for low rise wear the mid rise jeans. On the other hand, high rise jeans are often considered a relic from the past – to be worn to sport a retro look. However, this is a misconception as high rise jeans can be very modern and fashionable if your wear them the right way.

When shopping for high rise jeans, choose the style that best suits your body. If you are slim with long legs, then you should go for skinny jeans (also called cigarette jeans) that cling to your skin and taper tightly to the ankles. If you are curvy, then choose other styles that look good on you. Generally, straight legs go well with all kinds of female figures. If you are voluptuous with large hips, then you should go for wide leg jeans. However, finding the right jeans is really a matter of trial and error.

What you wear above your waistline is equally important when wearing jeans. With high rise jeans, select a t-shirt for a casual look or a blouse for an elegant look. Make sure that the top is not too baggy or too tight. The idea here is to wear something that goes effortlessly with your jeans. Another important thing is the belt. Find a mid-sized or skinny belt that is visually attractive so that it perfectly delineates the boundary between your torso and legs.

Just like low rise jeans are fashionable today, so can high rise jeans be if you wear them the right way. In fact, they can make you look casual and elegant at the same time, which is something that cannot be said about low rise jeans. So if someone mentions women’s high rise jeans next time, do not just think of the retro look. Think of chic, sophisticated and elegant look.

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