A World Tour of Jewelry

Every single day of every single year is somehow marked by festivity around the globe. We may be living in different time zones, may have different nationalities and even a varsity of mother tongues, but that does not stop us from being a part of a larger picture. This picture in concern is the one that deals with certain classic ways of celebrating those important days or appreciate those fine moments and keep them intact as treasured sources of memories. This is exactly why the mode of conveying emotions is so synonymous to one of the most popular classic styles of celebration: the making of jewelry.

Jewelry has come to be one of the most sacred ones that splendor and joy is shared with our loved ones. It has been evolved from those first versions of our ancestors which horded leaves and stones to form neckpieces and bracelets to something that is closer to home with yellow gold jewelry that marks the essence of an Indian wedding or platinum rings that are associated with daises and aisle walks to your loved one. The market that now spans the decadence of jewelry ranges anywhere from precious to semi precious stones and metals. Gone are the days when gold was considered the most superior option for jewelry. Rather now metals and beads along with new variations of cloth and stones are forming the buzz that has evolved jewelry to a more creative and fascinating point.

Everyone has a particular notion of jewelry that they hold close to their hearts. For the mothers it is the that pearl necklaces that was passed onto them by their mothers, for the daughters it is that jade and tortoise shell comb that they’ve always coveted from their mother’s jewelry boxes and for the granddaughters it is those moments when the family gatherings become stages of fashion and bauble viewing. It is in those moments of childhood where jewelry stages to become a very important part of a toddler’s wardrobe for the future.

The entirely modern concept of kid’s jewelry is not something that is unheard of in today’s times. Although every little child has days of play and work they also have those moments where they define themselves as they look in the mirror and appraise their outfit for the day. With jewelry that makes children squeal with delight there are conches and dolls, lockets of hearts, braided and tempered cord and hemp necklaces along with charm bracelets and kids rings that are the most peculiar way through which children wish to store their memories. Jewelry is not only restricted to the feminine gender, rather it has come a long way with supporting masculine symbols of the cross and skulls, the warrior’s sword and the infamous black rubber lockets with steel rings.

There is also an infusion and profusion of color that dominates the jewelry of today. It is more of a site to behold and attractive in ways that appeals individually according to the styles that they perforate. There is a lot of jewelry that uses the braiding techniques and you can see some amazing cloth bracelets that are woven in shades of reds and greens and yellow, appearing so bright and visually appealing. Every mode of jewelry has its own tale and every wearer bears the mark of the persona that he or she carries around and flaunts. Jewelry is broadening its own definition; it is becoming one of the paramount sites of experimentation within the realms of fashion making it addictive.

Bio: Milind Hue is a jewelry designer coming from a heritage of jewelry makers within the family. He is unconventional in his approach of creating jewelry that speaks tons about how using new materials and themes can make a piece look like it has been imported from another era.  Also he writes for http://www.tanyasjewelry.com/

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