Benefits of Axio by LifeVantage As A Brain Performance Supplement

Brain supplements, also known as nootropics, are constantly becoming more popular as many people realize the value of brain health. Poor nutrition habits, stress, aging and numerous other circumstances lead to a tired and slow brain function. Keeping the brain sharp is a part of one’s overall good health and well-being. Brain supplements are used to increase the brain’s ability to perform in focus, alertness, and memory. The market is flooded with many brain supplements, but a good example of one is the Axio by LifeVantage.

Axio is a brain performance supplement that offers a long lasting energy with no crash from sugary snacks and beverages. The ingredients of this supplement were chosen to stir up long-lasting power, a sharper focus and heightened concentration without any of the stressful jitters that are often experienced with brain supplements.

Axio Benefits
1. It improves mental endurance and acuity.
2. Improves memory concentration and retention as a whole.
3. Enhances the neurotransmitter function.
4. Improves information attention and processing.
5. Enhances a positive mood.
6. Improves the brain’s resilience to stressful situations.
7. Reduces brain fog and mental fatigue.
8. Increases the mental and physical energy.
9. Fires up a user’s brain power and laser focus.
10. Reduces distractions.

Axio by LifeVantage uses an intelligent blend of ingredients that include minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients to provide energy and support energy metabolism. People who use it report immediate improvements. It directly addresses the body’s response to stress that is aggravated by our tight schedules, worry, poor sleep patterns, and anxiety.

Axio Ingredients and their benefits:

B Vitamins
• Support the function of the brain.
• Helps to maintain a normal cellular function
• Helps to promote a positive mood
• Helps to reduce 
• Helps with energy metabolism
• Aids to support an optimal working memory.

• Helps to promote a state of alertness with no jitters.
• Helps to improve the learning performance, mental acuity and focus.
• Helps to optimize the memory and attention with no overstimulation.
• Helps to support the normal nervous system and brain system function.

Green Tea Extract
• It acts as a natural source of caffeine.
• Offers a natural energy boost.

• Helps to promote a healthy and sustained energy with no overstimulation.
• Helps to promote a healthy state of alertness.

New Zealand Pine Bark
• Helps to support an optimal mental performance.

• Helps to support a normal brain and nervous system health.
• Helps to support an optimal working memory.
• Promotes a healthy energy metabolism.

• This has been shown to improve a user’s mental function by increasing concentration and focus and limiting perceived effort.
• It helps to promote alertness, a sense of energy and mental clarity.

Directions for use
Empty a packet of Axio into 12 to 16 ounces of cold water. Stir or shake for a minimum of 30 seconds until all the contents are properly mixed. It is advisable to consume this supplement in the morning to get you up and keep you going and in the afternoon to ensure that your mind is in the zone without any overstimulation.

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