Breast Cancer Causes That Are Just Myths

Breast cancer appears as cells inside the breast end up growing without control, forming tumors. Unfortunately, prevention is the one thing that you need to think about as you need to be aware of what causes this condition. There are so many myths that appeared in the past and that led to misunderstanding what breast cancer is, together with why it happens.

The best thing you can do is to get your information from clinics that are specialized in such a condition, like Life Medical Technologies. If you read articles online it is possible that the information you receive is not actually accurate. In order to help you out, here are some of the really common myths that appeared and that should not actually be trusted.

Using Antiperspirants, Shaving Creams And Deodorants Cause Breast Cancer

There is absolutely no scientific evidence to lead towards this belief. This practically means that you will have no real problems when you use cosmetic products, including those mentioned. Some might tell you that you only have to use some specific products to reduce the possibility of having to deal with breast cancer in the future but this is just incorrect.

Breast Implants

There are numerous rumors saying that breast surgery or implants are going to cause breast cancer. This all started as a hoax that quickly spread through emails. At the moment, there is absolutely zero proven evidence that you will increase the risk of having to deal with breast cancer or that the breast implants will cause the disease. When you want to go through the surgery, simply go ahead. There are other risks that you have to worry about. Breast cancer is not one of them.

Under Wired Bras

There is no connection that can be established between worn bra type and breast cancer. The misconception is one that needs to go away since it has no real foundation. What is important for women is to find breasts that have perfect fits. If that is the under wired bra in your case, there is no reason why you should not wear it. Many women that believe this myth simply end up with a lot of discomfort and pain as they avoid the under wired bras.

Contact With A Person That Has Breast Cancer

Simply because you have a family member or a friend that is now fighting breast cancer does not mean you have a higher chance that this will happen as you come into contact with that person. One of the really important things to remember about breast cancer is that the disease is not contagious. You will be completely safe and you should not distance yourself from those that suffer. In fact, those people do need emotional support. You can offer it and be a true friend.


Breast cancer is caused by specific things but the causes mentioned above are just myths. If you suspect you suffer from the disease, just go to a doctor and go through a check-up.

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