Changing technology in healthcare

Technology advancements are rapidly changing the healthcare sector. Mobile technology helps doctors and nurses monitor patients. Wearable medical technology means more patients can be treated remotely, perhaps from the comfort of their home. Accessibility to massive amounts of data is also altering the healthcare environment. There are more accurate diagnoses, more studies to review, more information to process.

Leading the charge with innovative ideas that embrace the changing environment of healthcare, the South Korean company CHA Medical Group, under the leadership of Dr. Kwang Yul Cha, is breaking ground in the field of biomedicine with more research and development put into infertility and stem cell.

Leading by Innovation

The goal of Dr. Cha is to construct a “Bio City,” with world-class research, pharmaceutical companies, bio firms, and a general hospital with 1,000 beds, and a wellness center that will be the hub for its residents.

In 2010, CHS opened the Chaum Life Center in Gangnam, Seoul that is being lauded as the future of heath care. Innovative and embracing of the changing face of medical care, the Chaum Life Center is the world’s only prevention-oriented hospital and the largest total life center in the world. With 40 medical professionals and an integration of western, oriental and alternative medicines Chaum provides state-of-the-art medical services by detecting and preventing diseases at an early stage, and protecting one’s overall health. Chaum also offers bio-insurance services such as stem cells storage and genome testing to use in future medical procedures. It is a complete life cycle center that focuses on prevention and healthy living.

Visionary Entrepreneur

Not only is Dr. Kwang Yul Cha one of the most respected medical doctors of our time, but he is also the brilliant visionary who founded CHA Health Systems (CHS). Under his vision, CHS has transformed into a global healthcare group that includes the innovative Chaum Life Center, six medical facilities in Korea including the world’s largest fertility clinic, three privately owned hospitals including two in the US and one in Japan, and the CHA University which has offered full scholarship to all its students since opening its doors. In addition, there are fourteen medical and business divisions within the conglomerate that work cohesively to provide this holistic health care plan of the future.

Always on the forefront of innovation, Dr. Cha opened the first Korean expansion in the US with the LA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, then four years later opened the first specialized woman’s health hospital in Korea. CHS and Dr. Cha hold many records for first place in the world of infertility, gene and stem cell research. His innovation and desire to make tomorrow a better place continue to excel both the doctor and Cha Health Systems to the peak of their industry.

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