Dan DeKoter looks at the best places to live for families in Osceola County

It doesn’t matter who you are, relocating is never going to be an easy mission. If you are based in Iowa, and moving across to the other side of the country, how are you meant to know exactly which community is going to suit you?

If you happen to have a family, the problems are multiplied. After all, this is where you really have to drill into crime rates and school statistics to see which is going to be the best neighborhood for your family to grow up (and older) in.

As the title of today’s post might have already suggested, we are going to solely concentrate on Osceola County. We have enlisted the help of lawyer Dan DeKoter to help our plight, as we take a look at the best places to move to in the area if you are looking to raise your family in a completely new location.


Let’s put something of a disclaimer out there first; Kissimmee is the largest city in the county and as such it does have a “busier” feel to it in comparison to the other areas that we will look at. Nevertheless, a lot of families like this, and this is the reason we have included it in the list.

In terms of schooling, the size of Kissimmee means that there are plenty of options. There are also a lot more jobs, at least in comparison to other regions in Osceola County, and this can be crucial for the typical family who is leaving their roots.

For those of you who like drilling down into the finances, the typical home will cost $136,000, while you can expect to pay $968 a month if you decide that renting is the best option.

St. Cloud

Let’s now take a look at the completely opposite end of the spectrum. This is what St. Cloud can be described as, as this is quaint and significantly quieter than the first option we discussed. With rents being over the $1,000 a month mark, it could be argued that it is somewhat more premium. This is reinforced by the fact that around three quarters of the population of St. Cloud are actually homeowners.

Nevertheless, it does have opportunities. With a population of 44,000, there are jobs available here and obviously quite a lot of school options.


If you have plenty of disposable income to hand, you should at least consider the Town of Celebration. In truth, this is a premium location and the fact that the average home costs in excess of $400,000 should highlight this to a tee. Renting is naturally expensive as well, with the median rent being over $1,700 a month.

Of course, there’s every reason for the high prices. This is the town that was put together by Disney themselves, and while some might view it as having something of a synthetic feel, others will appreciate that it’s a small-town paradise.

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