Designer Vs High Street: Why Buy Brands?

Everyone loves a bargain, but the term ‘bargain’ is relative; it could be a top you bought for a couple of pounds from a supermarket; a half price designer dress you found in the sale section or even a full price designer jacket which makes you feel fabulous. Whether we consider something a good buy depends on quite a number of things.
However, if money were no obstacle at all, there are not many girls who would turn down a designer option in favour of a high street copy. And here is why this happens to be the case:
Of course, choosing women’s designer clothes is all about the designs themselves! From the catwalk shows in Milan, London and Paris to the tangible luxuriousness of designer stores, these things are made to spoil a lady. These are simply irresistible.
Designer clothing is made to fit and flatter your body. The pieces are generally better cut than those found in discount stores and supermarkets so you know they will be better fitting. This is particularly true of complex pieces such as dresses and coats. As the old saying goes “you get what you pay for” and, if that means your clothes look and feel better on your body, it should really be designer all the way!
Generally speaking, designer clothes are better made than their high street counterparts. The quality of the fabrics and workmanship are greater; meaning items will last longer and look better than cheaper alternatives. Of course, this isn’t always true and you may even find that some high street brands are made in the same factories as similar designer clothes. If you like something and it looks and feels good, that should be reason enough to buy it regardless of whether or not it comes with a designer label.
Being the first in your peer group to don the latest trends, especially those with designer labels can really make a woman feel superior to her friends. We may be being frank here, but it’s really all about status; having up to the minute, well-fitting, well-cut designer clothes will make you the envy of everyone you know. As modern day humans, we aspire to be the best, to do the best and to wear the best and that is why we buy into designer brands.
So when it comes to designer versus the high street, which camp are you in?!

Shannon Taggart is a fashion journalist spends a large portion of her wage on womens designer clothes.

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