Don’t Settle For Dull When You Can Shine Like The Sun – The Coolest LED Accessories Ever

LED lights are incredibly versatile. Not only do they save energy, they also come in many different colors and sizes. They can be added to almost anything, because they don’t overheat. Here are some of the coolest LED accessories out there.

LED Eyelashes

LED eyelashes are gaining traction in Asian countries as a cool new accessory that appeals to the desires of Asian women to make their eyes appear larger. LED eyelashes are false eyelashes that include little LED lights, which enhance the look of your eyes. The sophisticated sensors in the lashes detect your eye movements and turn the LED lights on and off as you blink or look in different directions.

LED Umbrella

The rain is dreary and depressing, and umbrellas are cumbersome but necessary devices. You can make your walks in the rain a lot more fun with an LED umbrella. LED umbrellas have LED lights either in the stick of the umbrella or the canopy itself. When you open the umbrella, it will light up, giving a cool, futuristic look that also helps make you more visible to drivers in the dark.

LED Ice Cubes

LED ice cubes make really cool accessories for any drink you have in your hand. At a party, especially in the dark, LED ice cubes make your drink look like it’s glowing. The best part is that they also work like actual ice cubes. Beforehand, stick the LED ice cubes in the freezer, and they’ll keep your drink cold and glowing throughout the night.

LED Shoelaces

You can turn any pair of sneakers into a glow-in-the-dark fashion accessory with the addition of LED shoelaces. LED shoelaces work with any type of shoe. They come in many different colors are are actually washable, too. Different settings allow you to make your laces glow consistently or in different flashing patterns as you walk.

LED Slippers

LED slippers aren’t just cool accessories, but they’re darn practical, too. LED slippers have little LED lights in the sole of the slipper that face forward and illuminate the ground in front of you as you walk. Now, when you get up in the middle of the night, you can keep your feet warm and comfortable and see where you’re going without needing to turn on a harsh, bright light.

LED Earbuds

LED earbuds are great for anyone with an MP3 player or iPod. LED earbuds allow you to listen to music in glow-in-the-dark style. They light up inside your ears, and the colors flash and pulsate to the beat of the music you’re listening to. They come in a variety of different colors. They’re great for people who run at night, too, because they add some extra illumination to help make sure cars can see you as you jog.

LED Scarf

Scarves are a must-have winter accessory. They’re fashionable, and they add an extra layer of warmth to any outfit. LED scarves come with LED lights woven inside the fabric, so that your scarf will glow as you wear it in whatever color or style you choose.

Lauren Williams a part time fashion designer enjoys researching the latest in fashion and provides some enlightening tips using LED accessories.

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