Fresh off the Runway: The Temporary Tattoo Rage

Temporary tattoos have come a long way from the days when they were handed out as party favors at a child’s birthday party. Although that version of temporary tattoos is still available, there is now a newer, more sophisticated version that has become extremely popular with fashionista’s around the world.

In fact, well-known designers such as Chanel offer several different options, and you can also find temporary tattoos that are designed for a night out on the town by several makeup manufacturers, including Urban Decay. There are even new social communities popping up like Tattoo You, where members can vote on designs to see which will get printed next.

Using a Temporary Tattoo as a Fashion Accessory

When you were a child, you most likely proudly wore your temporary tattoos on the back of your hands, your face or your arms so that everyone could see the colorful and obviously fake design. Therefore, when you think about temporary tattoos, it might be confusing to place them within the context of a fashion accessory. That is exactly what they have become, however, and there are several reasons for this. Not only are these tattoos high-class and extremely well made, but they can also be either bold or delicate enough to match any outfit.

Most of the temporary tattoos that are made specifically for fashionable adults closely mimic the styling of a real tattoo, but they also tend to have a slightly more whimsical feeling to them and, in some cases, other people will even mistake them for jewelry at a first glance. This is one of the main reasons that these tattoos have become so popular, especially among individuals who like the creative freedom that they represent. After all, having the ability to wear a tattoo for one evening that goes perfectly with a new outfit is much more desirable for many people than investing in one permanent tattoo that will need to work with all of their outfits for the rest of their life.

How Long Do Temporary Tattoos Last?

Just like the version that you wore as a child, fashionable temporary tattoos do have a limited usage period. However, there are several manufacturers who are currently offering these tattoos, and some of them have been designed to last for an entire weekend. To get the most out of your temporary tattoos, it is important to follow any of the freshness guidelines that are listed on the package. As long as you are careful, you can usually have the choice between wearing your temporary fashion accessory for one evening or a couple of days. Once the tattoo begins to show wear, however, it is best to remove it so that it does not have a negative impact on your overall appearance.

Anyone who is willing to embrace the fun of wearing a stylish but temporary tattoo can pull this look off. Regardless of whether you are going out to a club or spending the afternoon with your book club, this hot 2013 fashion trend can give you a bolder look that is certain to catch the eye of others.

Author Shelby Warden enjoys the freedom of wearing temporary tattoos that she can match with her weekend styles. Tattoo You is a new community that is reinventing the temporary tattoo to compete with the best of the permanent art form. Not only can you choose the newest temporary tattoo designs from their e-commerce store, but you can play a part in determining which designs will get printed next by voting on artwork submitted by A-list tattooers and illustrators.

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