How to Find the Best Fit for Women’s Shoes

You wear your shoes all day long, and whether you’re on your feet or sitting behind a desk all day, the type of shoes you wear will have a significant impact on your comfort and on the health of your feet. The size of your shoes can make a big difference to your comfort. Whether they are too big or too small, the wrong size can leave your feet tired and sore, or can cause problems such as corns and calluses.

Getting the right fit is important to your comfort and to the health of your feet. Here are a few tips for how you can find the best fit for your shoes:

Don’t Break Them In

A lot of women believe that when they buy a new pair of heels or a new pair of boots, they have to “break them in.” This isn’t true. Shoes that fit properly should not feel tight in any part of the shoe. You should not have to stretch or soften the fabric of the leather. Be sure to try them on in the store, and buy the shoes that fit right the first time.

Get a Special Fit if Needed

Not every woman’s foot is made the same way. A size 8 may not fit one woman the way it fits another woman. Some people have a more narrow foot, and others have a wider foot. Fortunately, you can buy shoes that are made especially for these fits. Marmi Shoes is one notable retailer for narrow women’s shoes, and Woman Within has some great selections for wide women’s shoes.

Buy for Comfort

A sure sign that your shoes are the right fit is that they are comfortable. Either try on your shoes in the store, or try them on as soon as they arrive after you’ve ordered them. If they aren’t comfortable that day, either don’t buy them, or return them for a new pair.

Proper fit is essential for your continual comfort, as well as the health of your feet. Follow these tips to make sure you always get the best fit for your shoes.

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