Islamic Culture Is Easy To Pass Down To Future Generations

It doesn’t matter what faith you are, passing your knowledge, wisdom and faith down to future generations is an important step in a child’s life. It is what shapes the children of tomorrow. I remember what an important part religion played in my youth as it was something to believe in and was something that brought the family together.

For the followers of Islam, like the followers of any religion, keeping your culture and religion alive can sometimes seem like a difficult task, especially as the majority of families are moving to European countries where Arabic is not a universal language. This means that the children of tomorrow are adopting a European culture.

Holding on to Tomorrow

The great thing is that you can still raise your children in the Islamic culture, teach them the Arabic language, teach them the religion and ensure that the children of today will carry that culture to their future generations. You can do this in the European countries that offer an Islam Shopping Centre where you can purchase a selection of educations children’s toys from books to games that will teach them the language.

Dress for Success

As religion requires there is a certain way for a family to dress. Often finding new clothing can seem quite a hard task when living in a European country as you don’t have Islamic shops on every street corner. In fact you are faced with high street stores that sell anything but modest clothing.

Therefore there is a need for an Islam Shopping Centre where you can purchase everything from the clothing for your children, to clothing for yourself and still enjoy a piece of home when you walk through the doors of the shopping centre.

It is so important that our children grow up with the same beliefs, culture and religion as their parents. It is a way to ensure that the future of the Islamic culture is carried forward to future generations. When our children have children we want them to do the same with their children, ensuring that even though living in a European world, the culture and religion continues to live.

While this may seem a difficult task as children go to school with Western children, learn their bad habits and in many cases fighting against their parents and the traditional values of the Islamic culture. Starting them at a young age with educational toys and books from the Islam Shopping Centre can help as they get older and allow them to understand how important family and culture is moving forward.

Sheena Whallen writes blogs about todays Islamic fashion; in order to find her inspiration she visits her local Islam Shopping Centre for help and ideas for her articles.

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