Jewellery for Your Car

Driving in style is an important necessity in everyday life. When you arrive somewhere, people need to be captivated and stunned by your car’s glory. Nobody can afford to drop thousands of dollars on a luxury vehicle. Since you saved some money by taking traffic school online, you can invest in some lavishing jewelry for your car. Buying accessories is the best way to show your love for someone… or something. So, we’ve compiled a list of jewelry items for your car.


Golden rims


Treat your car to the delicious taste of gold. Specifically, golden rims for your wheels. If you want to captivated the world, then consider investing in a few pairs of luxurious rims. It will show everyone how much you value your car. As a reminder, remember to park your vehicle under a well lit area.


Bedazzled license plate


CA driving and traffic school online best kept secrets include Dazzle up that mundane license plate with some various, unspecific gems. You might have a boring license plate number designation, but that doesn’t have to keep you from driving your car in style. When a police officer sees your license plate, they’ll be entranced as they write you a citation.


Diamond ring steering wheel


Tell your car “I do… want you to look expensive” by proposing a diamond ring cover for your steering wheel. Black, grey, tan, and brown are the basic colors that come with your everyday steering wheel. That’s why you should spruce it up a bit more with a diamond ring steering wheel cover. People will be fooled when they think you’re driving a gigantic ring. They’ll believe you’re with millions!


Jeweled seat belts


If you’re also upset with how your seat belts look, then you should purchase a jeweled seat belt cover. You can change the appearance of the interior of your car one protective feature at a time. Be held back during a roadside collision in style with a jeweled seat belt.


Blinged seat covers


As another part of your vehicle interior design rampage, consider blinging up those seats. They might be comfortable, but they sure do look boring. Throw various diamonds on your seats, so you can be in excruciating pain while sitting on expensive rocks.


Replace your radio with diamonds


Replace that clunky radio, shoved in the dashboard of your car, with something a little more eye catching. You won’t need to listen to music if you have a gigantic diamond built between your heater and A/C. People will be so mesmerized by your jewelry, you won’t have to entertainment them with tunes.


Exhaust pipe made of pure silver


Exhaust pipes are exhausting to look at. They’re crummy, dirty tubes that protrude from the bottom of your car. Instead of having something that disgusting be associated with your vehicle, replace it with a valuable metal. Exhaust pipes made of pure silver will catch anyone’s attention. It will also compliment those golden rims nicely.


Ivory cupholders


Ivory is expensive and luxurious. Therefore, there’s no better way to have your soft drinks, cups, and coffee beverages held than with cup holders made of ivory. Pure ivory is an illegal import, however you can find plenty of artificial ivory online. Give people the idea that you are an exotic game hunter with unnecessarily luxurious cupholders.


Platinum brakes pads


One feature of the car you almost never see are the brake pads. However, don’t let that stop you from making sure they aren’t as luxurious as the rest of your car. Turn those industry standard brake pads into industry luxury brake pads with platinum. You will impress any car mechanic with your 100% pure platinum brake pads.

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