Marc Sporn’s Pictures of Self-Encouragement – How To Easily Convince Yourself You’re Amazing

If you want to live a better, happier, longer and healthier life, then you need to up your level of self-encouragement. Life should have to feel like you are peering at everything though the looking glass, as this image of Marc Sporn implies. But how do you break free from the mental stresses that so hold you back? Try these four simple fixes on for size.

Break The Mirror

Shatter the mental mirror. Instead of seeing all of the answers or potential hurdles that you might when looking at yourself, stop doing it altogether. This tricks your mind in a certain sort of way. Instead, just simply decide to do something. Decide to succeed instead of spending time figuring out all the reasons why you are unable to succeed. That’s the simplest formula. Don’t have a backup plan – because then you just decided to fail.

Mess Up Your Hair

Stop focusing on your exterior image. When you do so, you open the door to failure because you are too concerned with what other people think about to you worry about what you even think about you. Go ahead, mess up your hair for a day and don’t look back and instill confidence.

Stop Trying

Start doing. When you create tasks, consider them done except that they need your touch. Know that everything that you do requires your special touch. It’s what makes you special. Not better than everyone else. But signatory to you and your ambitions.

Play More

Set aside play time. Don’t forget that even the world’s biggest stars need to get out and play from time to time. So start working hard and playing harder. Find activities that you really enjoy and pursue them. Do this and you can start acting like the most successful people on the planet.

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