Shop Danish Fashion Clothes Online for Spot-On Styles!

The Danish fashion brand Masai is known for having beautiful and feminine clothes that emphasize the beautiful shape of your figure – without any tight fabrics. Furthermore, they have a variety of different clothes that make it easy for you to find the right shape and fit for any body type. With Masai, you’re always confident that the clothes will look lovely and are comfortable to wear.

But don’t worry. You don’t have to travel to Denmark to get your hands on smart and comfortable fashion clothes. You can visit and enjoy browsing all their collections with a few clicks! They have made it much easier for you to find the perfect clothes when you shop online with these three clever features.

Finding Your Size

Masai has developed an interactive sizing guide that helps you find the right size for your body. It’s the most annoying things when you shop online; most of us fluctuate between different sizes depending on whether it’s a dress, blouse or shirt – and depending on the brand. On the Masai website, just enter your height, weight, age and body type, and voila! You will have a recommended size and a helpful explanation of how the current style of clothes will look on your body – where they might be a bit looser or more tight-fitting than shown on the model.

Plenty of Inspiration

Another thing that can be irritating when you shop online is not being about to find anything that matches the smart patterned trousers you’ve fallen in love with. To solve this, Masai have an online stylist that gives suggestions of what to wear with your chosen clothes. For example, he might have a top, cardigan, and scarf that will look great with your bright trousers. You can also go to Looks on Masai’s website, where the stylist has compiled a variety of winter outfits from head to toe, so you can find inspiration and shop brand new, well-designed and put together clothes with a few clicks.

Get Closer!

It can be difficult to get a real impression of clothes when you can’t see or touch them. Therefore, Masai goes to lengths to display multiple images of each item from different angles and a close up, so you can see the quality. For example, you can inspect the slim, pure viscose dress and see that in fact it has a slightly thicker, wool-like look, or that the shirt is not actually a solid colour, but has ultrathin pinstripes. It’s a smart feature and makes your online shopping a guaranteed success.



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