Show Your Dog the Love it Deserves

There is a reason that dogs are known as man’s best friend.

That said are you doing everything within your power to give your dog the love he or she deserves?

By doing all you can to take care of your pet, you give them a life that they will enjoy. This is from the moment you got them until you have to say goodbye.

So, what more could you be doing for your four-legged friend?

Shower Your Dog with Attention

In doing all you can for your dog, here are some areas you want to focus in on:

1. Health – Since your dog can’t talk to you like a human can, it is important to track their health needs. If you see any red flags, be sure to act on them. This can be things like changes in their eating, using the bathroom, seeming lethargic and so on. While there may be a simple answer or answers for what you are seeing, it is always better to be safe than sorry. By watching over your dog, he or she will get the care they need for years to come.

2. Treats – What dog would not love getting showered with attention? One of the ways to do that of course is with treats. You also want to be sure they have all the needed toys to keep them occupied. Without treats and toys, your dog may decide act out at times. If running to the grocery or pet store is a hassle, have you thought about ordering supplies on the Internet? You can go online with ease and find the best pet subscription box. When you do, you can unlock a world of fun for your dog. Having that box delivered to your home means your dog is that much closer to treats, toys and more.

3. Security – Make your dog feel secure in your home. They can get scared at times from a variety of things. For example, fireworks and other loud noises can send a dog into a tailspin for a short period of time. That said you want to do all you can ahead of time to prep your dog for such things when you know they may be occurring. So, around the Fourth of July and on the day itself, there is a good chance there will be fireworks going on. Try and keep your dog as calm as possible until the humans end their fun celebrations. It is also important your dog feels secure out of their normal environment. If you plan to travel with your dog, do all you can to normalize the experience as much as possible.

4. Children – Last, if you have young children at home, things can get a little tricky at times with a dog. That said you want to do all you can to provide a healthy relationship between your child and dog. Some kids can get a little rough when playing with their dogs. Do your best to teach your child that the family dog is a key member of the family and not something to take for granted.

In showing your dog all the love it deserves, are you covering all your bases?

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