Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

In the age we are living in, self-consciousness has indeed heightened compared to the past generations. We now use our clothes, accessories, hair styles and even perfumes to make a statement. We want to look good, and will often spend much money trying to achieve this. This makes dressing up and following trends perfectly okay. Looking your sharpest will be one of the best ways to show who you are.

Colour and Accessories

The colour for this year will still include navy blue, which was also a big hit last year. However, lighter and more playful colours are in too. You can also diversify your leather wristbands and bracelets to include more jewelry that can make you stand out from the crowd such as brass and bronze rings, tie clips and cufflinks. You also don’t have to throw your watches away, just change the wristbands into more playful colours. Department stores such as Psyche have a great range of fashion and accessories perfect for spring 2013.

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