Spring 2013 Fashion Trends


Fabric and Pattern

Stripes have always been a staple in fashion and they will continue to be so in 2013. However, try to include bold patterns and incorporate them into your comfort ‘zone’ attire. Make your look contrasting as it will add mystery to your appearance, don’t be too safe with cotton too. Spring 2013 suggests and softly demands you wear tweed and wool but there is no need to abandon cotton completely.

Jackets and Coats

As expected, the climate change will affect all of us and our lives and that includes what we wear. As scientist and environmentalists predict, the winter will be harsher and longer so you’ll be wearing your winter jackets and coats for a longer time than expected. Since you’ll be wearing them more often, why not buy stylish ones. Fur-lined hood jackets should be invested in so that you’ll stay stylish amidst the cool temperature. Don’t forget to include a military coat in your shopping basket if you don’t want to be left out by the fashion world. 

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