Stay active, go on a perfect summer adventure and get all you need at Eddie Bauer.

Discover a different side of Kenya. Feel secluded, go up the Loita hills and enjoy great views of the safari. Hike your way  and stop to take great pictures of the waterfalls. Or go on a cycling trip to Hell’s Gate National Park and get  close to the elephants and rhinos.

Prepare to go on an adventure in Kenya, stay dry and cool and opt for  slim fit Men’s Flex Legged Wash Chino Pants from Eddie Bauer. Very comfortable chinos made with Lycra spandex for unrestricted movement.

Feel relaxed,  live  your adventure fully in Kenya and get a stripe Voyager II Polo Shirt from Eddie Bauer. A shirt with FreeDry that won’t stick to your skin and keep odor away. Plus, it has excellent sun protection with FreeShade UPF.

Go for ultimate performance shoes that are sturdy and opt for Eddie Bauer K-4 Chukka from Eddie Bauer. Lightweight shoes, with  great stability and durability for your Kenya adventure.

Explore the secrets of India. Visit Delhi, go for a bike ride and see the Presidential Palace. Take a walk and explore Humayun’s Tomb and see why it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Go on total seclusion at Himalayan foothills, try forest trekking to Triund and see great views of Dhauladar Mountains. Visit Amritsar, go climbing to the roof of the Golden Temple  and see magnificent views of the city. Enjoy trekking  through Aru Valley while you pass many forests. Finish your journey with a  hike at the Dachigam National Park.

Feel  comfortable when  you hike, trek or climb in India and get straight fit Flex jeans from Eddie Bauer. These are like no other jeans you have ever owned before. Very well made jeans in good fit and  are  true to size. These jeans are made  with the perfect stretch material to move comfortably.

Make your life easier and go for On The Go Poplin Shirt from Eddie Bauer. Lightweight shirt in a relaxed fit to keep you comfortable. Plus, moisture-resistant to  keep you cool for ultimate comfort. Versatile shirt you can wear with jeans, shorts or pants. Pack this shirt in your bag confidently, it won’t wrinkle and won’t need ironing.

Take care of your face and protect it from Kenya and India’s strong  sun with a Graphic Hat – First Ascent from Eddie Bauer. High quality hat made from breathable and moisture-resistant materials. You’ll love the great design and fit of this hat.

Get organized, take all you need for your India and Kenya adventures and opt for a Cargo Pack from Eddie Bauer. Very roomy with plenty of pockets and compartments to organize and find everything easily. Great backpack that feels lightweight even if you are carrying lots of stuff. This cargo pack is made from quality materials for long lasting durability.


Make sure you are fully prepared  for your planned summer adventures and get all you need at  Eddie Bauer.




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