Staying in Touch For Less

This holiday season you may be delighted to see your college student return home. Even if you’ve been enjoying the quieter house, you’re probably still happy to see your grown-up kid come back and share with you all of their adventures since they’ve been gone. Wouldn’t it be nice if they’d keep in touch a little more often?

We all know college is expensive these days. Whether you, or your kid, or a combination of the two are paying for their college experience, it’s hard on everyone to pay for college these days. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice family, though. Staying in touch with your children is important. It helps keep your family bond strong, and may even help steer them in the right direction. When kids have issues they need guidance on, they often only confide in those they trust the most. If your child doesn’t have a direct line of access to you when they are struggling with peer pressure, insecurity, or health issues, it leaves them stranded and less capable of making the right decision for their future.

It’s important to stay in touch regularly with your child. But how do you keep in touch? Finding an affordable cell phone with an affordable plan is as much a challenge today as when their use first became popular across the country. You probably want to find a group plan where you can share minutes and data, if you trust your child’s responsible use of the data plan! If you are looking for a flexible plan, whether individual or a shared plan, check out Virgin Mobile USA’s Groupon page for regularly updated discounts and coupons.

Right now on Virgin Mobile USA’s Groupon page you can find deals ranging from $50 to 20% off and free shipping. Saving money on a phone is important when you’re anticipating a tuition payment by the start of next semester. But don’t sacrifice your relationship with your child over some cash. Instead, find some great deals online and buy yourselves an affordable way to get in touch with one another.

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