Stein Plastic Surgery and the positive effects of head and neck surgery

Stein Plastic surgery carries out many positive surgeries under the watchful eye of Dr Adam Stein in Raleigh North Carolina. Blepharoplasty is one of the positive surgical experiences that is carried out at Stein Plastic surgery. Dr Adam Stein gets positive results, five star reviews and excellent ratings on any of his sites online; this is due to his excellent abilities as a surgeon.

Blepharoplasty is also known as eyelid surgery and it removes excess skin from upper and lower eyelids as desired. It therefore gives you a more youthful and refreshed look. You may imagine that only older clients would want this procedure but  Dr Stein of Raleigh confirms that patients in their 20s have requested this procedure. This is often because people do not like the shape of their eyes, some believe that they have puppy like eyes with curving edges or some wish to create a more almond shaped looking eye. Others want wider eyes or more open eyes. Some of the slightly older clients can see a difference in their eyes from how they looked when they were younger, and they desire to recreate the eyes of their youth. This is usually those who are mid 30’s and above. This is because the skin over the eyelid closes over as we get older. The eyelids begin to relax and get thinner.  Also as our cheeks and eyebrows begin to descend, this can pull the outer corner of the eye down creating an older more haggard look.

Eye lift surgery, performed at Stein plastic Surgery in Raleigh North Carolina will be done under local anaesthetic. The area will be numbed so that you will not feel a thing, it is comparable to a procedure that you may have done at the dentist. During eyelid surgery an incision is made into the upper lid this is to reposition the muscle and fat around the eye are tightened. The cut is made just under the line of the lower lash. Sometimes people will also ask for a brow lift as well, this is another procedure that can be performed by Dr Adam Stein at Stein Plastic Surgery in Raleigh, North Carolina. Before the operation you will be required to cease smoking for four weeks before your operation and lots of patients try to use this as a reason to stop smoking as a lot of their lines and creases are enhanced from smoking, So it seems pointless to them to get the procedure done and then continue the habit which is making them look older. The surgeon , such as Dr Stein will also recommends that you should stop taking aspirin two weeks before the procedure. After the procedure you should sleep with your head raised for the first week or two.

As this type of surgery only uses local anaesthetic, the price is lower than other head and neck surgeries but the effect it has on both of your appearance and your confidence can be phenomenal. So why not head down to Stein Plastic Surgery today and begin the process to enhance the rest of your life.


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