Stepping into Spring

Sunny weather is on its way, which means it’s time to update your wardrobe for spring. This season’s looks are more sophisticated than ever before, and they are totally wearable for women of all shapes and sizes. The even better news is that the abundance of statement trends will make it easy to breathe new spring life into your style with just a few key pieces. Take a look at these top five fashion developments, and then step into spring with variations of your own.

Stripe it. Designers can’t seem to get enough of this pattern for spring, but at least they’ve all come up with unique ways to wear them. Marc Jacobs gave his skinny blue and white stripes curves that accentuate a curvy figure and Tommy Hilfiger took a patriotic approach to his striped suits with his signature red, white and blue palette. You can have fun with stripes, too, by searching for the most unusual designs available in this traditional print.

Show off your abs. In a turn reminiscent of Gwen Stefani’s ab-baring 90s style, exposed midriffs are making a comeback. If you’ve spent all that time in the gym toning your midsection, why not get in on the action? The modern twist to this favourite look is to find high-waisted pants or cropped tops that don’t rise too high. You’ll just want to give everyone a little sliver of your belly; not the whole thing.

Sport your sheer elegance. Even if you’re not into sporting a bare midriff, you can find sophisticated, sexy looks that give you a chance to provide a peek-a-boo style of your own. Sheer cutouts on blouses and dresses are a great spring and summer alternative because they’re created in the spirit of wearing less without actually having to show off parts that you’d rather keep covered. These pink dresses from New Look fit the bill expertly.

Create a white-hot look. If you love the pristine look of white, you’re in luck this season. One of the easiest trends to follow is the all-white craze that’s pending. Wearing this colour from head to toe becomes more feasible if you look for other ways to add variety to your ensemble, such as mixing textures (think sheer and cotton, or silk and leather) and adding colourful accessories such as a beaded necklace or gold sandals.

Keep cool with water-inspired designs. When shopping for blouses and dresses for spring, wade into the aquatic-themed designs from designers like Charlotte Ronson and Michael Kors. These pieces consist of blue gradients, an array of shades that mimic sea waves or, for some, quite literally print of water transposed onto garments. These pieces also usually fit loosely in the right places, promising a silhouette as fluid and free as water.

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