Stunning Ladies’ Swimwear

Stunning Ladies’ Swimwear

Now is a great time to brighten up your days by shopping for summer clothes, and by “Summer” we are talking about ladies’ swimwear not linen jackets or men waterproof jacket. Whether you’re heading off to find some winter sun, or you’re planning ahead for your next big holiday, there’s a stunning range of swimwear to choose from.

Today’s swimwear is designed to make you look great and feel comfortable, so whatever your shape, there’s something to flatter. If less is more for you, you’ll be looking at bikinis, which give you a chance to soak up the sun or just feel fabulous by the pool. You can choose from a wide range of bikini styles, including 1950’s-style high-wasted briefs, string bikinis, and coordinated styles that come with matching skirts, sarongs or cover-ups so that you can look fully styled-up on the beach.

If you want something with great style but more coverage, check out tankinis, which are still two-piece, but cover your stomach, so great if you’re less confident about showing off your midriff. This style is increasingly popular with sun-seekers of all ages, and there are lots of styles and designs that reflect this. You might want to stick with something single-coloured and simple, or go for bold patterns, bright colours and contrasting tops and bottoms. There’s nothing wrong with turning heads in a tankini!

And of course, there’s always the classic one-piece. Re-styled for the 21st century, you can look simply fabulous in a sleek, sexy swimsuit. With a variety of neckline styles, one-shoulder or two-shoulder straps, high, medium or box-cut leg and even skirts for those who really want to cover up, there’s a one-piece on the market that will suit your summer perfectly. And it makes sense to buy more than one, because if you’re planning to spend your whole time swimming and sunbathing – either by the pool or on the beach – you’ll need a change of costume so that you can make the most of the weather.

So, get in early before the best styles go and you’re left with the scraps just a few days before you check in at the airport. Sort out your swimwear now, so that you know you have the best possible selection for your next summer holiday. Affordable, good-looking and easy to wear, you can buy your next swimsuit online or on the high street for a really good price – and with some sunscreen and something good to read, what more do you need?


The author of this article has over 20 years experience in the fashion industry.

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