Tips to find an acting agent

Today, you don’t need to arrive in a metro like Los Angeles or New York City to represent yourself as an actor. Right now, there is no dearth of talent agents. In fact, there are hundreds of talent agencies across the country. Such agencies help aspiring actors by providing access to auditions that they may not have got otherwise. They also help would-be actors to secure assignments in the films, television, commercials and theaters. If you have acting talent and zeal to become a successful actor, you may sign a contract with a local talent search agency. For example, being based in Detroit, you may contact One Source Talent Detroit. But before you sign a deal with them, make sure you read online One Source Talent reviews.

Here are some tips that would help you find a reputed acting agent in your locality.

  • Prepare a resume with updated information – List television and film credits at the beginning of the resume; put commercial credits in the middle and after that put theatre credits. But the resume shouldn’t be longer than one page. Type your name in large font at the top of the page. Now type your hair color, eye color, height and contact information underneath the name. Mention your educational qualifications and professional qualifications along with other relevant skills at the bottom of the resume. You may also add special skills like fluency in foreign languages, ability to play an instrument, capability to perform belly dance etc.
  • Staple the resume – Now staple the resume to your head shot. Make sure your resume is same in size to your head shot. The head shot must be 10” x 8” with a black or white border and with your name printed prominently below the picture. Appoint a professional photographer to take the head shot with such specifications. A professional photographer is the best person to showcase your actual personality so that your head shot can draw the attention of the agent and the audience in due course.  Get about 20 copies of the image because whenever you sign a deal with an acting agent, he is likely to ask for copies of your head shot.
  • Write a good quality cover letter – Now you need to write a cover letter that could draw the attention of the agent. Share important things about yourself, but avoid sharing anything personal. Keep the letter engaging, easy-to-understand, light and professional. Mention your past work experience, if any. Now paperclip the letter to the resume and head shot.

  • Look for local agents – Take advantage of Internet to find local agents. Collect name and contact information of the agents you prefer. Read the online reviews like One Source Talent reviews to know whereabouts of different acting agencies.
  • Contact the agent – Some agents preferred to be contacted over the Internet, while other prefer personal visit to their agency. Go through your preferred agents’ websites and check whether or not there is any link to submit resume and head shot electronically. Otherwise, visit the agent’s office and submit the head shot and resume or simply mail them to the agent’s mailing address.

Author’s Bio – Lopez Genelia is famous for writing entertainment industry blogs and articles. She writes reviews for several acting agencies. Her reviews like One Source Talent reviews are frequently read by the aspiring models and actors.

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