Unique Options For Choosing A Special Wedding Band

Your wedding band is truly something special. It symbolizes the wedding vows exchanged between you and the deep love that you both share! It is a precious item of jewelry that holds a lot more meaning than a basic wedding ring. There are some unique options when buying your wedding ring, as described below.

Hand crafted wedding bands fit into a class of their own, surpassing any common wedding ring in beauty, individuality and style. Their uniqueness is a true reflection of your love! They are created by hand by talented craftsmen to make each ring a truly exceptional gift. One method that they use to make these rings is by braiding. The artist will take a band of metal, commonly of two different kinds, such as yellow and white gold, and weave them into a plait. A tight braid will resemble a Celtic knot, while other braids can be made looser. Some rings can have a basket weave as an interesting feature. Handcrafted rings are particularly good for integrating religious symbols; due to the delicate designs of such things as crosses and Hebrew prayers, a hand made ring is best for this purpose.

Antique wedding bands are elaborately designed and commemorate traditional, timeless decorations. They can be adorned heavily with filigree, as well as floral and vine patterns that curve. The designs featured by these rings don’t usually appeal to the average guy; hence, antique wedding rings for men are made wider for a more masculine look. Many of these expertly crafted rings have decorative Milgrain or beaded edges. Rings with Milgrain edges are finely scored to give an appearance similar to a coin’s edge. Antique wedding bands are embellished with complex designs and finely handcrafted.

Fancy wedding bands are the perfect choice if the sight of a plain wedding ring bores you. These bands really stand out with their stunning and often audacious designs. They often sport many diamonds in bold band designs and atypical contours. In one popular fashion, some bands are divided into segments to resemble those of a well known watch band. Other rings will have interesting finishes that give them a distinctive look, such as a sandblast finish, or a polished and satin finish.

For something even bigger, you might like an eternity band. These rings have diamonds embedded around the entire band. For women, they are normally in a prong setting, whereas the men’s version has a wider band with the diamonds set in a channel. An eternity band makes a beautiful gift of eternal love. Your wedding ring deserves proper consideration and attention, because it will be worn as a precious symbol of your true love!

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