What It’s Like to Attend Boarding School

Boarding school is a divisive issue. Some people sing their praises, while others are a little less enthusiastic. A lot of that hesitance comes from myths, movies, and misinformation. In real life, boarding school is worlds away from the dark, menacing halls you’ve seen on your screen. So take a look at what it’s like to attend boarding school.

Smaller Classes

If you’re used to a large student body, get ready for a culture shock: boarding schools, by and large, have dramatically smaller classes. You’ll get to know everyone in your grade, if not your school, which can build a real sense of community. And with fewer students fighting for attention, teachers can focus on you and your specific needs and interests.

You’re Still Family

Being homesick is part and parcel of leaving home, but it doesn’t mean you won’t see your loved ones until vacation rolls around. Thanks to technology, people can easily stay in touch with family and friends back home. You get the dual benefit of keeping your old friends and meeting a bunch of new ones.

Challenging Subjects

Boarding school is no walk in the park; a lot of hard work and studying is part of the territory. Get ready to buckle down and work hard in your subjects. This helps prepare you for college and keeps you focused on your academic and personal goals. Who knows? You may find a passion for a subject that you never imagined.

Unusual Extracurricular

Have you ever wanted to try archery? Do you want to see if the theater is the place for you? Some of the best boarding schools in the country appreciate the importance of arts and culture in education and make sure their extracurricular offerings match up. At boarding school you can explore fencing, sculpture, computer programming, or rock climbing, to name just a few. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll never want for fun and exciting activities.

Sports Matters

If you’re an athlete, boarding school could be a dream come true. Many offer a strong focus on fitness and health, with a wide variety of sports teams and clubs. Competing for your school in such a focused environment is an incredible experience, and will prepare students for the trials and tribulations of college athletic life.

It’s A Bonding Experience

Social life in boarding school is significant important; after all, you’re spending 24/7 with these people. As such, you end up developing strong friendships that can withstand the test of time. You’re meeting people with similar goals and ideals, similar interests and passions. Your friends will challenge and inspire you, but also have your back when times are tough. It’s a great sense of community and loyalty, and one that public schools just can’t replicate.

College Ready

By the end of boarding school, you will be more than prepared for college. After living away from home and having to attend to your social and academic needs, freshman year will seem like a walk in the park. With all that to think about, it might be time to consider if boarding school is the place your child has been looking for.

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