What you need for your first camping trip (clue: a GPS tracker is one item)

Even with the rise of budget airlines, most families will make at least one camping trip over their lifetime. Whether or not they repeat it is another matter, but there is still a certain charm about camping and it’s a popular getaway option.

As you may have guessed from the title of today’s article, this page is going to talk about how you can prepare for your very first camping trip. We will now take a look at exactly what you need to take along, to ensure that everything goes to plan.

A GPS tracker

Something else which the title may have alluded to is the importance of a GPS tracker. Suffice to say, these hardly fit the traditional definition of camping, but particularly if you are about to venture off the beaten track they can be invaluable.

If the weather turns sour, or something goes wrong, allowing people to find you easily is something which can at least put your mind at rest. Sure, if you are hitting one of the popular campsites with hordes of people it’s not essential, but anything that’s a little remote it can be handy.

A bigger tent than you initially thought of

One of the common mistakes that a lot of first-time campers make is not investing in a tent that is big enough.

Tents are often sold as being suitable for ‘x’ people. Ultimately, if there are four of you traveling, it stands to reason that they should be able to fit four people in, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like that.

They might be able to fit four people in, but that’s where things stop. This doesn’t take into account the air mattresses you might need, or all the other gear if you are traveling with the family.

In short, always buy a tent that’s marketed as larger than you require.

Plan daytime activities before you travel

As we all know, boredom hits kids pretty quickly. Something that first-time campers might not know is that mobile signals can be touch-and-go when it comes to camp sites. In short, you might not be able to research any activities online when you reach your destination.

It means that you need to do all of the legwork beforehand. Sure, you can’t predict the weather, but if you can at least have a list of possibilities you will have something to go off.

The useful essentials

Nowadays, most modern campsites have everything that you could ever wish for (even electricity). However, if you are venturing far out, always remember to take the bare essentials. We’re talking about the likes of a pen knife, duct tape, cable ties and even batteries. Hopefully, you’ll never need to turn to any of them, but if any form of emergency does come to you there is at least an arsenal of supplies you can turn to in a bid to keep you and the family safe.

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