How to Look Good While Working Out

It’s one of life’s great challenges, but it is possible to look good and work out at the same time. It seems somewhat ironic that we workout in order to look good, and to feel better of course, but lot’s of people are put off the idea of hitting the gym or going for a run because they end up looking sweaty, out of breath or unfashionable in tracksuit bottoms and sportswear in general.

A lot of the time it’s purely a mental thing that you look unattractive in the gym, and once you overcome this and really get into your workout you can find that you make much more progress than before – it’s strange how the mind works! Another issue comes when you’re not a member of a gym, or can’t afford to be, and it’s freezing cold outside. You can’t run in three jumpers, three pairs of bottoms and a thick pair of winter socks and many people are put off and subsequently lose the will to work on their fitness.

In an attempt to help you overcome the various fashion boundaries preventing you from hitting the gym or running around your local park, here are five top tips to get you motivated:

New Equipment for a New You

To get yourself really motivated for your fitness kick, head out and invest in what you would say is “cool” gym kit. Nobody should be working out in baggy t-shirts or button-up blouses, and you don’t really want to be trying to get into the sports kit that has been at the back of your wardrobe for years either – you want something new that you can’t wait to put on, and this will also spur you on to get into the gym.

Another reason for getting new kit is because when you try it on, you’ll find your motivation rising. If you’re wearing ill-fitting kit, you won’t feel that great about yourself and you’ll hate anyone seeing you in your gym wear. Choose something you like and that fits you that you’re comfortable working out in.

Brace for the Cold!

Cold weather is another common put-off for gym-goers, because, as already mentioned, they can’t work out in three jumpers and their big winter coat! You’re more likely to pick up an injury in the cold weather because it takes longer for your muscles to warm up, but don’t go getting a thick pair of baggy trousers, they won’t do you any good. Look out for compression sports clothing that is designed to help keep muscles warm, allowing you to run and workout freely and easily.

New Trainers

Girls, you love your shoes, and you can show that off in the gym. Okay, you’re not going to hit the treadmill in your heels, but you can invest in a comfortable, stylish pair of trainers to help get your fitness kick off and running. The more comfortable the shoes you’re wearing are, the more productive your session is likely to be. Make sure you allow for movement inside your shoes as you run to avoid the dreaded blisters!


Similarly, you can arrive and leave the gym in style with a cool gym bag. Don’t go turning up at the gym with your top, shorts, socks, trainers and sports underwear in a supermarket carrier bag, get something practical that can hold all of your equipment, as well as your toiletries for afterwards and providing somewhere to keep your phone, keys and purse too.

Don’t Be Afraid!

A lot of women are put off wearing certain clothes to the gym for a variety of reasons, but you should never be scared to wear sportswear that you find comfortable and easy to move in. Don’t go putting on tracksuit bottoms to stop other people seeing your legs if you find them difficult to run in – put on your favourite shorts and you’ll feel much more sporty. Similarly, you shouldn’t go covering up by wearing a hoody because you’ll soon find – especially indoors – that you’re too hot to work out and you lose energy. Work out in whatever you feel the most comfortable in.

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